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Togo & the U.N.
As part of its foreign policy, Togo attaches great importance to the United Nations, as an ideal forum for addressing international problems, safeguarding peace and stability in the world and promoting cooperation between the nations. The activities of the Togolese diplomacy within the UN system aim at balance and stability and have always been characterized by shrewdness and great dynamism, through the multiplication and diversification of initiatives which resulted in strengthening the role of our country on the international scene. idn live
By participating effectively and efficiently in the activities of the main structures of the United Nations and its specialized agencies,
Togo has consolidated its presence within the United Nations and it has shown its commitment in favor of peace and security in Africa and throughout the world as it has constantly worked within the international community to enhance cooperation and solidarity among peoples. In this regard, Togo participates in many UN peace keeping operations, including in Cote d’Ivoire and Burundi where it contributes in sending troops or military observers. slot88

Also the capital Lome hosts the UN Centre for Disarmament in West Africa

Consular Matters
The Mission has a division that provides consular services both for Togolese citizens and other nationals. Below is the list of services provided. For additional information. slot gacor

Visa services
General Visa Information

Permanent Mission of Togo
Nationals of the ECOWAS can freely enter Togo without visas with a valid passport or a national identity card.

Citizens of non-member countries of ECOWAS must have a passport with visa. Entry visas and residence are issued by diplomatic and consular missions mandated by Togo. oxplay

On the national territory, visas are issued by the immigration services at border points and international airports for a maximum of one week. The validity period may be extended at the National Police Headquarters.

Collective Passport
Please note that collective passports are not accepted in Togo. toktokbet

When traveling to Togo, please carry with international certificate of vaccination.
-Vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory (valid for 10 years)
-Vaccine against hepatitis B is also recommended as well as those against meningitis and typhoid because of recent epidemics.
Taking a treatment against malaria is strongly recommended.

Specific Information for U.S. Citizens
Instructions, fees and required documents for U.S. Citizens.

Travel documents

  • Get or Renew your Passport
  • Apply for a Laissez-Passer

Official Documents

  • Legalization of document
  • Life Certificate (Certificat de Vie)

Togo is known for the extraordinary dynamism of its diplomacy. Since the 70s, the country has played a leading role particularly in finding solutions to different crises and the many conflicts besetting Africa. The search for balance in international relations, and a sense of solidarity are constant basis that have guided the diplomatic action of Togo and enabled the country to exercise numerous mediations on the continent.

As many visitors to Togo say: if you do not know Togo, you do not know Africa. Togo offers beautiful, wonderful places for touristsas well as extraordinary business opportunities.There are a wide diversity of tourist sites, with beaches on the Southern coast,the wooded mountains and valleys of the Kloto Region, the northern savannas inhabited by wide-range fauna such as elephants, lions, antelopes.

Togo: General Information

Area: 56,787 Km2.
Togo is bordered on the North by Burkina Faso, West by Ghana, on the East by Benin and South by the Gulf of Guinea.

Population: 6100,000 inhabitants, of whom 36% in urban areas.
Density: 107 inhabitants per km2
Population growth rate: 2.6%

Climate: Equatorial in the South, Sahelian in the North.

Official language: French. Two main national languages: Ewé and Kabyé

Currency: CFA franc (fixed parity with the Euro)
GDP per capita. : USD 359 (2006)

Administrative Organization: 5 regions (maritime region, Plateaux, Central, Kara, Savannah). 30 prefectures and sub-prefectures

Capital: Lome (700,000 inhabitants)
Major cities: Sokode (51,000 inhabitants), Kara (30,000 inhabitants), Kpalimé (30,000 inhabitants)

Main agricultural products:
Yams, cassava, maize, millet, sorghum, rice paddy, cotton, coffee, cocoa, peanuts.
Livestock raising: sheep, goats, poultry.

Industrial Products
Phosphates (main export product, 1173 million tons), cement.
Tertiary sector:
The Port of Lome (PAL), a port in deep waters in West Africa has a good availability and attractive pricing that allow Togo to play an important role in regional transit trade.

This sector is dynamic with major banks: Union Togolaise des Banques (UTB), Togolese Bank for Trade and Industry (BTCI), Togolese Development Bank (BTD).